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Buy Youtube views

Buy YouTube views

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Buy Youtube views

You want to attract many viewers on Youtube. However, when a video has barely any views, not so many people will click on it. Moreover, the Youtube algorithm will put you on the bottom of the search results, because your video does not seem popular enough. It seems that the only way to really get any views on Youtube, is to either be very lucky, or be a large marketing agency that has the budget to promote their video.

So how do you become more popular on Youtube, when you have to be popular to get any views? That just seems impossible.

Get the Youtube views snowball rolling

What most people do nowadays, is buy Youtube views. At least at the beginning, to gain some first traction. That way, they get the first few thousands of views for their video, and then the snowball starts rolling. The view counter on the video shows that many thousands of people has seen the video, so other people will click on it more often. Therefore generating even more views. And most of all: Youtube’s algorithm will see that the video has many views, so it will put the video on top of the search results. The final result is, that the video starts to go jump up and begins trending the results. In this way, a few thousands of bought views at the start, can ensure tens or even hundreds of thousands of views in the long run.

Become a Youtube influencer

Youtube is a very large social media platform. Therefore, a large number of views gives you a large amount of power. When you eventually create a large channel with a large following and many subscribers, you will be able to influence many people. This influencing is very cool of itself, but it also gives you an opportunity to make money from advertising. This advertising money is a passive income, as you will keep getting it without putting in additional work. This way, Youtube can create a very powerful source of income for anyone who is willing to put in the effort to set up a channel.

Kickstarting your Youtube channel

Creating a channel is easy, but you do need to make sure to put up quality content. After putting up this content, you can buy Youtube views to boost the popularity of your videos. After boosting the popularity at the beginning, more and more people will join in and see your video, as it is pushed to the top of the search results. So you can really kickstart your video when you buy Youtube views.


So, why is it important to buy Youtube views?

How to buy Youtube views?

Lay the foundations

First, make sure that you put up content that is good. That means: you must make videos that people want to watch. This way, you know that people will be coming back and you will be able to really build your channel.

Build the Youtube channel

Second, you want to buy Youtube views through a trusted service, like FollowerHigher. You need to make sure to consider the following when buying Youtube views:

Does buying Youtube views work?

Yes. Buying Youtube views is the best and most effective way to really get your Youtube channel going. Most marketing agencies and celebrities use bought views to pump up their videos and give them an initial boost. It is the only surefire way to really get a starting channel to come off the ground. It makes sure that:

What are the properties of our Youtube views?

The Youtube views that we provide, are international, which makes them credible, legit, and authoritive to Youtube.

All Youtube views have the following ratio: 20% views on mobile devices, 80% views on desktops.

Some of the views may be cancelled, which is why we send 10-15% more views that you ordered.

It needs to be able to open your video in all countries. Sometimes, videos are only open to one single country. If that is the case, the views may not be able to be delivered.

Frequently asked questions

Are your Youtube views real? Where are they from?

Yes. We provide you with 100% real views, so no bots or views that simply view your video automatically. Our Youtube views come from a network of real Youtube users from around the world.

Do the viewers interact with my content?

Maybe they do, because being real Youtube users, they may be interested in your content. However, it depends on the content and whether it appeals to our Youtube users. Because we do not choose these users according to their preferences, they are less likely to interact with your profile than organic users.

Why should I buy Youtube views? What do I get from that?

Having views on Youtube offers some advantages. First, you are likely to attract more views as larger channels get more attention. Secondly, this leads to a better ranking in the algorithm of Youtube. Third, there is always the possibility that the users you are buying may actually like and interact with your content.

How many views should I buy?

It depends on how many Youtube views you already have. In the case of a large channel, you can buy numerous views at a time without seeming unnatural, unlike a small profile. If you do not yet have a large subscriber base, we advise against buying too many views at once. You can try our service at any time, for example, by buying 1000 views. This is definitely a safe step.

When do I get the views?

Usually within a few hours after your payment. The ordering process is as follows. First, you select the number of views you want and submit the link to your video. Second, you complete the payment. We accept many payment methods, such as Paypal (including credit cards), GiroPay and SOFORT. Third, we add the views to your video. This is done virtually immediately.

Will all views be permanent?


Do you need my account password?

No. We do not need your password. The account has to be public, otherwise we cannot find and view the post.

Is this safe for my account?

Your account should not have any safety issues from using our services. We respect the YouTube Terms of Use and avoid complications. The views we supply are real and of high quality. Of course, if you order a huge number of views at once, some people may suspect that you bought them. However, this is unlikely and can easily be avoided by being careful not to add too many views at once and keeping your Youtube channel active.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, we do not charge any additional costs and all prices on our website are including VAT. You pay only once and we do not add you to any subscriber list.

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