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Buy Instagram Likes

Buy Instagram Likes

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Buy Instagram Likes

Many people on Instagram have experienced it: you put tremendous effort in a post, and then only a handful of people like it. This is unfortunate and does not reflect well on the profile. It can therefore be very frustrating, especially as you probably put a lot of time and energy into it.

In these situations, it can be of great help to boost the Instagram likes by buying them. Especially when a profile is not yet as popular as you want it to be, it can be a great catalyst to propel you to the top. Besides the fact that more likes give your posts more credibility, they make the Instagram algorithm classify you as a popular profile. It will therefore be more likely to get to the “Discover” page of Instagram – where more users see your post. This creates a self-reinforcing snowball effect.

Instagram likes: how it works

Please provide us with the link to the post that you want to give more likes. Select how many likes you want it to receive and complete the payment. We will deliver the likes usually within a few hours.

Mainstream marketing strategy

Buying Instagram likes has become more and more mainstream, both for professionals and non-professionals. There are over 100 million pictures and videos posted every day on Instagram. In this large amount of content, it has become very difficult to actually collect a considerable amount of likes organically. Influencers and marketing agencies therefore frequently buy likes as part of their marketing strategy. It has become a great solution in order to pass the initial hurdle in gaining popularity.

Quality and discretion

We only deliver Instagram likes from real, high-quality profiles. These profiles are no automatic “bots” but of real people that have their own followers, profile picture and posts. We further guarantee a secure and discrete service in completing your order.

Frequently asked questions

Are the likes real? Where do they come from?

Yes. We only supply 100% real likes, so no bots that start liking your account automatically. Our Instagram likes come from a network of real Instagram users from all around the world.

Why would I buy likes? What is in it for me?

There are multiple advantages to getting more likes on Instagram. First, you are more likely to attract other likes. Second, you will have better rankings in the Instagram algorithm.

How many likes should I buy?

That depends on how many likes you already have. A large profile can buy more likes at once than a small profile without it looking artificial. If you do not have a large following already, we suggest not to buy too many likes at once. You can always try out our service first, for example with 100 likes. That will always be safe.

When do I get the likes?

Usually within a few hours after your payment. The ordering process is as follows. First, you select the number of likes you want and submit the link to your Instagram post. Second, you complete the payment. We accept many payment methods, such as Paypal (including credit cards), GiroPay and SOFORT. Third, we add the likes to your post. This is done virtually immediately.

Will all likes be permanent?


Does my Instagram account need to be public?

Yes. In order for the users to like your post, your account needs to be public.

Do you need my account password?

No. We do not need your password. The account has to be public, otherwise we cannot find and like the post.

Is this safe for my account?

Your account should not have any safety issues from using our services. We respect the Instagram Terms of Use and avoid complications. The likes we supply are real and of high quality. Of course, if you order a huge number of likes at once, some people may suspect that you bought them. However, this is unlikely and can easily be avoided by being careful not to add too many likes at once and keeping the profile active.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, we do not charge any additional costs and all prices on our website are including VAT. You pay only once and we do not add you to any subscriber list.

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