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Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Followers

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Buy Instagram followers


FollowerHigher gives you an easy, safe and quick way to buy Instagram followers. Instagram followers have a big impact in the way you are perceived. The greater your popularity, the more followers you have. And the more followers you have, the more followers you will attract. It is a self-reinforcing cycle. When you have more followers, the interaction with your profile will subsequently increase.

If you want to buy Instagram followers to increase your reach on Instagram, we can help you with that. We provide a simple, fast and safe way to buy Instagram followers. And with this growth in your community, new doors will open for your profile.

Provide us with the username of your public Instagram account and we will increase the number of followers of this profile within the next 24 hours. Choose from 100 to 100 000 followers. When you are unsure, we recommend starting with 100 followers to test out our service and determine if you like it.

The power of the first 1000

Instagram is off all social media channels the most interactive. Buying Instagram followers remains the fastest and easiest way to improve your image on Instagram. Whatever you do – cooking, yoga, modelling, sports, or anything else – it can take years to get to the first 1000 followers. It is a special number that acts like a barrier. Profiles that get past the number of 1000 followers, have a high chance of succeeding on Instagram. Conversely, profiles that do not make it, are highly likely to slowly fade out and get lost in time. It is as anything else in life: “to he who has everything, more will be given, and from he who has little, all will be taken.” Unfortunately, this is truer than ever in this age of social media that is dominated by winner-take-all effects.

This makes it very important to get the first 1000 followers out of the way so you can focus on what actually matters: building your profile, created your brand, engaging with your community. If you don’t pass the threshold of 1000 followers, all this value will never reach the audience that it was intended for.

Buy Instagram Followers with warranty

We want the followers that we add to your profile to last for a long time. Unfortunately, it is possible for profiles to unfollow your after a while. Because of this, we always add more followers to your profile than you ordered, to make up for any followers that may be lost later. If somehow the follower count will drop under the number that you ordered within 30 days, we will resupply your profile with the missing number for free.

Frequently asked questions

Are the followers real? Where do they come from?

Yes. We only supply 100% real followers, so no bots or followers that start following your account automatically. Our Instagram followers come from a network of real Instagram users from all around the world.

Do the followers interact with my content?

Perhaps they will. As they are real Instagram users, they may be interested in your content. However, it depends on the content and whether our Instagram users like it. As we do not target the users based on their preferences, they are of course less likely to interact with your profile than organic users would.

Why would I buy followers? What is in it for me?

There are multiple advantages to getting a larger following on Instagram. First, you are more likely to attract other followers, as bigger profiles get more attention. Second, you will have better rankings in the Instagram algorithm. Third, there is always the possibility that the bought followers actually like your content and start interacting with it.

How many followers should I buy?

That depends on how many followers you already have. A large profile can buy more followers at once than a small profile without is looking artificial. If you do not have a large following already, we suggest not to buy too many followers at once. You can always try out our service first, for example with 100 followers. That will always be safe.

When do I get the followers?

Usually within a few hours after your payment. The ordering process is as follows. First, you select the number of followers you like and submit the username of your Instagram profile. Second, you complete the payment. We accept many payment methods, such as Paypal (including credit cards), GiroPay and SOFORT. Third, we add the followers to your profile. This is done virtually immediately.

Will all followers be permanent?

We guarantee that the followers will stick for at least 30 days. If not, we will resupply them for free. However, since these are real and active Instagram users, it is unavoidable that some of the followers will someday unfollow your Instagram profile. To balance this out, we always supply a bit more followers than you ordered.

Does my Instagram account need to be public?

Yes. In order for the users to start following your account, your account needs to be public.

Do you need my account password?

No. We do not need your password. We only need your public Instagram username. The account has to be public, otherwise we cannot find and follow the profile.

Is this safe for my account?

Your account should not have any safety issues from using our services. We respect the Instagram Terms of Use and avoid complications. The followers we supply are real and of high quality. Of course, if you order a huge number of followers at once, some people may suspect that you bought them. However, this is unlikely and can easily be avoided by being careful not to add too many followers at once and keeping the profile active.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, we do not charge any additional costs and all prices on our website are including VAT. You pay only once and we do not add you to any subscriber list.

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